We Are Reset LAB

We teach people across the capital how to feel passionate about the art of movement

Reset LAB is a collaboration between Movement Coaches Claire Heafford and Thomas Dawkins. We love to move and enjoy helping others to experience the life changing benefits that come from establishing and maintaining a balanced approach to training and fitness.

As practicing athletes and movement researchers, we are primarily interested in what it means to be embodied human beings experiencing the world through movement. Taking a broad open-ended approach to training the body, our method borrows techniques from a wide range of movement styles including gymnastics, athletics, team sports, fight forms and dance.

We refer to this field of study as 'The Art Of Movement'.


Meet Reset LAB Co-founder: Claire Heafford

Over the last three decades I've been privileged to have trained and competed alongside some of the world's greatest athletes - and it's this training and experience that I pass onto my clients through my work as a movement coach


Meet Reset LAB CO-Founder: Thomas Dawkins

Creativity and experimentation are core to the way I train and coach. By thinking through the body, I enjoy encouraging myself and others to find intuitive, innovative solutions to long-term physical limitations. Engage your creativity, get experimental and join me on a journey to reclaim the joy of movement that we all once experienced as children