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If you’re up for a life changing experience & would like to be mentored by coaches with the skills & imagination to ensure you see it through - then we're here to help




Learn how to love your body and get joy and satisfaction from moving every day. We often hear from clients who feel dissatisfied with their levels of fitness and need help to find a sustainable approach to exercise. That’s why we love using our passion for movement to help others experience the exhilarating benefits of establishing and maintaining a regular movement practice and all our one-to-one sessions focus on learning to listen to the body to find a unique approach to training that will work for you. Whether your goal is to re-energise your system, rebalance your hormones or refine your physique - we go the extra mile to show you that change is possible. No matter what your level of experience, one-to-one Movement Coaching will give you the skills you need to succeed on your health and fitness journey. Furthermore, If you've experienced difficulties with training in the past - then perhaps a package of movement coaching and NLP might be just what you need to overcome unhelpful patterns to discover a unique training formula that will work for you. Read our testimonials below to learn more about our approach.


With a wealth of experience between us, we offer one-to-one sessions in the following disciplines and approaches

Artistic gymnastics & tumbling (Crossfit London Bethnal Green)
Agility based games (all locations)
Animal flow (All locations)
Gymnastics strength training, parallettes and mens rings (Crossfit London Bethnal Green & Personal Space Mayfair)
Endurance running & race preparation 5km - Marathon (Mile End, Victoria Park, Hyde Park, Primrose Hill)
Handstands (all locations)
NLP for sports performance and weight loss (all locations)
Pads, kick boxing & martial arts (all locations)
Parkour & play work (Crossfit London, Hornchurch Leisure Centre)
Professional wrestling (Crossfit London)
Strength & conditioning / Olympic lifting (Personal Space Mayfair & Crossfit London Bethnal Green)


We offer one-to-one personal training sessions at a number of locations across London:

Personal Space, 38 Curzon St, Mayfair, London W1J 7TX

Crossfit London, Arch 30, 150 Buckhurst St, London E1 5QT

190 Burdett Rd, Mile End, London E3 4HL

We also offer home visits in East London

Re-energise your system, rebalance your hormones, refine your physique


Meet Claire

As a Movement Coach and NLP Therapist, I have a life-long passion for movement and I love inspiring others to make significant lifestyle changes that positively impact their long-term health and wellbeing


Meet Tom

As a Movement Coach and Professional Wrestler, my desire is to encourage my students to learn how to play and reclaim the joy of movement that we all once experienced as children



  • Reconnect with your innate physical intelligence and awaken your love of movement

  • Feel confident and inspired to make positive lifestyle changes that will impact your long-term health

  • Build a strong and supple body using a progressive training system that allows you to track your progress and feel improvements week-on-week

  • Learn how to be physically experimental and have fun expressing yourself through movement

  • Learn new skills and achieve physical feats you never thought possible

  • Enjoy exercise free of the fear of injury

  • Achieve ambitious physical goals with personalised coaching to keep you on track every step of the way




Running Coaching for a 10km P.B



NLP coaching to overcome tumbling based fears


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If you’re interested in one-to-one coaching - please get in touch to arrange an initial consultation. Appointments last 60min and are an opportunity for you to learn more about the Reset LAB Method and how our one-to-one coaching experience could work for you.

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