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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to increase the nations base level of Physical Literacy through the research and provision of cutting-edge training methods that put kinaesthetic awareness at their heart

We know how rewarding and life affirming a healthy mind and body can be & our goal is bring a broad range of new creative training systems to the market to help our participants reach new levels of health, vitality and personal wellbeing. We do this through the provision of one-to-one movement coaching, group exercise classes and by developing licensable, branded products that cater for a variety of demographics, workout needs and ability levels.


How We Work

Reset LAB exists to rethink current coaching doctrines, re-imagining fitness industry norms & reset personal coaching methodologies

Our research and ideas represent a shift towards creativity, experimentation and play in training contexts and a step away from pure volume and repetition based training.

More specifically, as movement researchers we recognise that every ‘body’ is unique. As such, every ‘body’ is capable of performing completely different skills, in completely different ways, requiring very different training methods.

Our goal is to create training contexts that understand the movements we make as an expression of that uniqueness. We believe that too often ‘bodies that move’, even bodies that move at the very highest professional levels, remain under challenged, under utilised & under explored – simply because the people involved in the training context lack the imagination or openness to let new ideas in.

That's why Reset LAB works hard to create contexts that make it possible for movers of all levels to innovate through a mindful process of movement, experimentation and play.



Lab Sessions

Our LAB sessions are where we test, trail & train the latest thinking on a range of issues related to living in & caring for the body

Each week we undertake physical experiments together in closed LAB sessions – testing cutting-edge training methods and supplementation systems to uncover the most effective ways of maintaining a healthy mind and body. This is where initial ideas are explored, approaches formulated and discoveries made.

From Movement Ecology to Neuro Linguistic programming, Gat Bacteria to the Philosophy of Matter; we research, explore and test the latest thinking on a range of issues related to living in and caring for the body – incorporating the most interesting findings into our training methods so we can create fresh content to bring to market.

As a research unit, we investigate the latest thinking on nutrition, recovery and supplementation, explore intelligent movement patterns that build strength, resilience and mobility in the body and experiment with NLP Flow States to help novice and elite movers achieve greater performance gains.

As a product incubator, we create holistic training packages that put physical literacy at their heart, develop exercise systems that help differing demographics achieve their health and fitness goals and design group-training formats that enhance the precious connection between mind and body.

Working predominantly, but not exclusively with body-weight conditioning exercises, our philosophy is to focus on the acquisition of new movement patterns that stimulate brain function and assist in injury prevention and recovery.

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