Take your gymnastic skills to the next level, learn to perform some of the most exciting and impressive tricks around and become a member of Reset LAB’s adult gymnastics squad

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90min Session Structure

60min of gymnastic tumbling skills taught using the latest techniques from British Gymnastics plus 30min of gymnastic strength & conditioning training delivered through circuits, skills focused training and partner work on floor, parallel bars and Olympic rings.

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Who is it for?

Entry into the Level 2 Squad is by invitation.  Gymnasts are selected to join the squad from our Level 1 Tumbling group. If you are a gymnast with previous experience and would like to be considered for the Level Two Squad please get in touch to book a 1:1 session where we can assess your skills and find out if the Level Two Squad is right for you.

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Squad Goals

  • Become fluid and confident in the execution of all level one movements

  • Identify areas of flexibility and strength that need work and undertake a personalised conditioning programme to make improvements

  • Become proficient in joining moves together to create tumbling sequences

  • Perfect form and flexibility in all aspects of your gymnastics

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What You’ll Learn

Back flip to one leg, handspring to one leg, back flick layout, back flick tuck somersault, full turning handstand pirouette, free walkover and cartwheel, round off backflip, round off tuck back somersault, round off back flip tuck somersault, round off back flip straight somersault, handspring dive roll, handspring font somersault and twisting somersaults.

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Programme Targets

  • The proficient execution of all essential elements of gymnastics

  • Improved coordination

  • Increased wrist, back and shoulder flexibility

  • Increased upper body strength

  • Improved core stability and lower back strength

  • Increased handstand endurance

  • Increased leg power

  • Increased range of movement in all major joints

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Next Steps

The Level Two training squad is a community of gymnasts who all enjoy learning, practicing and improving together.  Gymnasts who have become fluent and confident in the execution of moves and who are also interested in developing their performance practice will also have the opportunity to work alongside Claire & Tom delivering movement workshops, take part in creative movement research projects and perform circus cabaret routines at a variety of events and festivals.

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