Adult Gymnastics London

Have you ever wanted to do gymnastics as an adult, to learn how to defy gravity and fly? Then join us at Reset LAB and become part of a fun, friendly community of adult gymnasts who have a passion for physical experimentation and play. Explore what your body can to do, with personalised coaching and specialised equipment. From complete beginners to experienced athletes, have a look at our full programme to find a course that’s perfect for you >>




Level 0: Body Positive Gymnastics

If you've never tried gymnastics, but love the sound of being upside down and jumping on a huge bouncy tumble track with 6 other ladies who understand how debilitating exercise class anxiety can be - then read on, we'd love you to join us!


Level 1: Olympic Rings & Handstands

If you’ve ever wanted the svelte silhouette and super-human strength of a gymnast - this course is for you! Borrowing from the key training techniques used by Russian Olympic gymnasts, we’ll show you exactly what you need to do if you want to get strong & mobile.


Level 1: Gymnastics Essentials & Tumbling

Get a solid grounding in the basics before moving onto spectacular sequences and acrobatic feats. From forward rolls & handstands to round offs and back flips, we’ll teach you to invert, flip and fly in a safe and friendly environment.

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Level 2: Gymnastics essentials & Tumbling

Take your gymnastic skills to the next level and learn to perform some of the most exciting and impressive tricks around.



Gymnastics Training in a Great Location

All our sessions are taught in a fabulous purpose built gymnastics arch at Cross Fit London in Bethnal Green. The space is located just 3min walk from Bethnal Green tube – and 10min from Bank station on the Central Line providing easy access to our courses no matter which part of London you’re traveling from.  




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Elite Coaching Designed for Adults

Reset LAB gymnastics sessions are taught by Claire Heafford & Thomas Dawkins using the most up-to-date coaching techniques from British Gymnastics. We offer personalised coaching tailored to your individual needs ensuring maximum progression no matter what your level of experience.




Join Our Community

Be part of our fun, friendly community of adult gymnasts and surround yourself with likeminded folk who feel passionate about trying new things. Friendly faces are always on hand to encourage you on your learning journey and offer you the support you need to succeed.

Relaxed but challenging with a wonderfully inclusive atmosphere and a reliably off beat play list
— Max Olesker, L1 Handstands and Olympic Rings
Claire & Tom are great teachers. They push us enough that we give it our best shot but never too much that we’re uncomfortable.
— Elizabetta Conradi, L2 Gymnastics Essentials & Tumbling
Doing gymnastics has improved my balance & flexibility. It’s really helped with my yoga and has definitely given me more ideas of things to do in the gym
— Jemma Cox, L1 Gymnastics Essentials & Tumbling
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