What Is Kinaesthetic Awareness?

Kinaesthetic awareness is the ability to tune into your inner wisdom & connect your mind & body. It’s the ability to listen to the signals of your system & interpret what they have to say. It’s an innate awareness of your constant unconscious processing; the processing that keeps you upright, breathing & alive.  It’s the natural desire to explore the limits of the body through movement, physical experimentation & play.

We are all born with an instinctive drive for what our system needs to stay alive - water, fresh food & movement. It’s a simple recipe for a happy life. But as we age, our lives become more complex & our pace of physical growth & kinaesthetic development slows. Sometimes our physical intelligence even diminishes & with it we loose our acute awareness of our bodies need.

That's why Reset LAB is on a mission to provide one-to-one movement coaching & cohort based training that puts the development of Kinaesthtic awareness & physical intelligence at it's heart. Explore our website, blog & social media to find out more about our method & how you can join us for a transformative health & fitness journey.