The Reset LAB Philosophy


As practicing athletes & movement researchers, we are active students within a field of study that reflects on & explores the intersections between physical movements in multiple contexts, including sport, martial arts & dance. We refer to this field of study as 'the Art of Movement'.


Our research & ideas represent a shift towards creativity, experimentation & play in training contexts & a step away from pure volume & repetition based training.

More specifically, as movement researchers we recognise that every ‘body’ is unique. As such, every ‘body’ is capable of performing completely different skills, in completely different ways, requiring very different training methods.

Our goal is to create training contexts that understand the movements we make as an expression of that uniqueness. We believe that too often ‘bodies that move’, even bodies that move at the very highest professional levels, remain under challenged, under utilised & under explored – simply because the people involved in the training context lack the imagination or openness to let new ideas in.

That's why Reset LAB work hard to create contexts that make it possible for movers of all levels to innovate through a mindful process of movement, experimentation & play.