Meet Our Gymnasts : Ned's Story

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Name: Ned, 38
Occupation: Freelancer in post-production
Favourite Move: Back Flip

Why did you decide to train with Reset LAB?

Gymnastics and getting a greater sense of body control is something I’ve always been interested in, but I’ve never had the chance to do. Having already seen how good and experienced Claire was, I knew I could get something out of the sessions.

What do you enjoy about the sessions?

The sessions are fun with a positive atmosphere where we all help each other get better. Having a safe space and specialist equipment to practice difficult moves that I’d normally never be able to try at home is great. Learning gymnastics has also changed what I do at the gym, I do more callisthenics now to get a greater sense of body control which has made me way more flexible and agile.

Why do you think other people would enjoy training with Reset LAB?

If you want to keep learning new things, even as you get older, then having a supportive environment where you’re all trying to do the same thing really builds your confidence to just go for it. So if you think that learning to do flips and rolls on a big bouncy castle sounds fun, then you’d love it.

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