Meet Our Gymnasts : Max's Story

Name: Max Olesker age 31
Occupation: Writer & Performr
Favourite move: Muscle Up


What do you enjoy about the Reset LAB sessions?

The sessions are relaxed but challenging, with a wonderfully inclusive atmosphere and a reliably off-beat playlist. They’re a delight. My progress so far has been modest, but noticeable - it’s the little things I’m most excited by, like gradually acclimatising to the bizarre world of the false grip on the rings, or learning the actual way to approach a handstand instead of the nonsense I’ve been attempting for years.

How has learning gymnastics affected your abilities and performance in the other sports and activities you do?

There’s a chance that, for the first time in my life, my posture might become faintly acceptable! I also find that after class as well as feeling invigorated (but exhausted), I sleep really well!

Why do you think other people might enjoy coming to take part in Reset LAB sessions?

Anyone who enjoys moving freely and challenging themselves will have a blast. The classes are a brilliant escapist bubble, and I’ve taken care to preserve the sanctity of Monday evenings amidst the crushing pressures of life in London. But mostly I just love being part of such a lovely, friendly, welcoming gang.

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