Meet Our Gymnasts : Jemma's Story

Name: Jemma Cox 33
Occupation: Camera woman
Favourite Move: Handspring

Why did you decide to start training with Reset LAB?

I did gymnastics when I was younger and I’ve always wondered if I’d ever be able to get back some of the flexibility, or be able to do a back flip now I’m older. Curiosity got the better of me so I signed up.

What do you enjoy most about the sessions?

I like the relaxed atmosphere and the fact everyone supports each other. Sometimes I feel I’m not making much progress and then I’ll do something in the gym that used to be difficult and I realise I’ve come so much further than I thought.

How has training in gymnastics impacted the other sports and physical activities you do?

Training in gymnastics has helped with Yoga and definitely given me more ideas for strength and mobility training in the gym and I’m finding l’m much more aware now of what I’m doing with my body when I’m learning new moves.

Why do you think other people would enjoy training with Reset LAB?

Because it’s fun and it’s a great way of incorporating fitness into your life. If anyone has ever wanted to release their inner gymnast now is their chance! It’s great being in a supportive group and I always leave feeling motivated to come back and try again next week.

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