Meet Our Gymnasts : Betty's Story

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Name: Betty 32
Occupation: Chef
Favourite Move: Handspring

Why did you decide to train with Reset LAB?

I decided to come and train with Reset LAB to build flexibility and strength, learn to jump and to see if I could do cool stuff.

What do you like most about Reset LAB sessions?

I enjoy the personalised teaching and the family atmosphere. I feel like I progressed a lot in the first few weeks and in particular my posture, core strength and flexibility is now way better. Doing gymnastics has also given me more confidence. I find it really freeing because the environment and energy is so supportive and positive you just want to give everything a go and I always leave the sessions feeling energised and ready to sleep like a baby!

Why do you think other people would enjoy Reset LAB sessions?

The supportive playful family energy of the class is great. And having specialised coaching that allows you to focus on what you want to achieve and move at a pace that pushes you without rushing or making you feel like you’re falling behind is great. I feel like we’ve really bonded as a group and having everyone’s support is making us all improve faster and feel more confident. My favourite part of training is surprising myself by doing something I didn’t think I’d be able to do.

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