Meet Our Gymnasts : Abi's Story

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Name: Abigail Attrell
Occupation: Software Engineer
Favourite Move: Front to back cartwheels

I'd always been curious about learning gymnastics, but I had a lot of self doubt about what I might be capable of doing.

Initially I tried a couple of the Reset Lab taster classes, including Learn to Handstand & Learn to Back flip. I was so nervous before the classes as I couldn't imagine doing either of these things - heck I couldn't even do headstands or cartwheels. However, when I turned up at the class my nervousness dissipated. Claire & Tom had broken down the process of learning into lots of different steps, and you could switch between different workstations and work on something at a comfortable level for you. I found I loved a lot of the training exercises, like jumping backwards onto a wheel and rolling into a handstand (for practicing backflips), so I signed up for the 10-week course.

What I love is the relaxed and supportive environment. We listen to music while we train and laugh a lot! I especially love the days we set up the tumble track with a trampette and a bouncy castle-like air track to practice different kinds of flips.

Gymnastics has really helped with my strength and flexibility. I had very bad flexibility to start with, so I had to work on stretching my wrists and shoulders. I've slowly progressed and have learnt a lot of new skills like headstands, handstands supported against a wall, and handstand forward rolls. I've still not quite managed back flips or back summersaults, but I've definitely made progress with some of the training exercises for it, so hopefully I'll get there soon!

I'm currently working a lot on improving my flexibility so I can do a full gymnastics bridge position. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll be doing unsupported handstands, and maybe even walking on my hands, or walking in a bridge position.

I definitely feel a lot fitter since I've started doing gymnastics. I can comfortably plank for a lot longer than I previously could, and my abs are in great shape - I've suddenly got the beginnings of a six pack!

Improving my core strength has helped a lot with other forms of exercise that I do (climbing & wrestling), as well as improving my body confidence a lot. I look forward to the sessions all day whilst I'm bored at work, and it's such a good workout I always feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards and sleep much better.

I'd definitely recommend the Reset LAB classes to anyone who's unsure about signing up - mainly because I wasn’t that confident at the start, but now gymnastics is my new favourite hobby!

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