Top Tips for Great Flips

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to flip then our Learn to Flip taster session is the perfect place to give it a go. Here are 3 tips to get you started - with many more gems awaiting you at our gymnastics classes & courses.

1. A great backflip starts with a strong arm swing, a backwards lean and a powerful jump. Our teaching process begins by breaking the take off down into an isolated jump onto a stack of crash mats and a foam roller so you can learn to get the right amount of height and backwards propulsion to confidently take flight.


2. Good shoulder mobility is essential to a great backflip. If your overhead range of motion is limited, the development of your flips will falter until your shoulder flexibility increases. Our class will give you plenty of shoulder exercises to practice at home so you can develop the shoulder range you need to make incremental improvements.


3. The perfect flip has good rhythm and perfect proportion. The first phase of flight from feet to hands should cover the same distance as the second flight phase from hands to feet. This is often where novice flippers can come unstuck which is why our ‘Learn to Flip’ class covers rebound phase hacks to create just the right amount of snap.

If you want more tips and tricks to improve your flips - join us at our ‘Learn to Backflip’ taster session. Secure your place on our bookings page.