Why Is Movement Coaching Important?


As movement coaches, we take the development of Physical Literacy seriously. We believe that no matter what your level of movement experience - there is enormous value to be found in developing the basic skills of motor control, coordination, dexterity, balance & core stability.

When we coach, we pay close attention to the nuanced details of how you move. Our goal in each session is to provide you with feedback that will allow you to make small adjustments to your body so you can learn how to perform better quality movements with greater control & reduced risk of injury.

We seek to explore where movements are initiated in the body and what route the movement must take through the system for you to become a more proficient mover. By making small changes to the finer details of how you move – we are able to help you gain an increased awareness of how to articulate & move your body with maximum grace & efficiency.

As Movement Coaches, we notice & give feedback on a wide range of attributes including posture, joint alignment, foot positioning, muscular control, restrictions in range of motion, imbalances in flexibility & strength, core stability, eye line, mental focus & breath control. 

The repertoire of movements, exercises & physical challenges used in movement coaching are designed to stimulate the development of fine motor control - providing significant increases in strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, balance & range of motion. 

As movement coaches, we use our highly specialised knowledge of how to perform complex movement patterns within specific sporting contexts, to break down your movements into constituent parts.

By breaking down movements into their constituent parts, learners become more attuned to their body’s systems of physical processing – allowing them to develop an increased awareness of what their body needs day to day to feel nourished, strong, agile & energised.

We believe that as well as being useful skills for every day life, developing a base level of Physical Literacy is also foundational to the development of athletic ability in sporting contexts.

Once undertaking physical activities & participating in sports, Kinaesthetic Awareness & Physical Literacy are the skills that allow us to adjust foot positioning, knee alignment & posture ensuring we maintain maximum efficiency in our movements at all time & don’t sustain unnecessary injuries through a lack of awareness of our physical limits.