What is NLP?


What is NLP, How does it work, and how could it change your life?

NLP is the study of the way people process & code information to create their unique personal beliefs, values & models of 'reality'.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming; the ‘neuro’ refers to your neurology, ‘linguistic’ refers to the language you use to describe your experiences of being in the world, and ‘programming’ refers to how your linguistic descriptions of your reality shape the neurological functions of your body to code your experiences of life.

In other words, NLP is a set of tools that can help you to learn the language of your mind so you can enhance the aspects of your behaviour that work for you and adjust the aspects that don’t.

NLP was created as an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California in the 1970’s. Originally setting out to ‘model’ the skills of exceptional people, their research sought to find a method for changing a persons neurological and linguistic behavioural patterns so they could learn how to achieve goals that were previously proving problematic for them.

Over a ten year period Grinder & Bandler studied with and learnt from some of the best psychotherapists in the world including Fritz Pearls the originator of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Virginia Satir the mother of family therapy, Milton Erikson the renown hypnotist, Gergory Bateson author of the double bind theory, and Noam Chomsky Professor of Linguistics and theorist of transformational grammar.

Drawing all of their learning together, Bandler & Grinder began experimenting with a variety of psycho therapeutic techniques, gradually codifying the successful approaches into a series of ‘models’ and ‘processes’ under the umbrella of NLP.

From phobias and depression, to learning disorders and illnesses - Bandler and Grinder found that the NLP processes could sometimes make a profound difference to a persons experience of their ‘problem state’ in just one session, simply by operating within a frame that recognises there is a difference between ‘the external world’ & ‘the world as we perceive it’. 

NLP is therefore about finding ways to explore a persons models of reality – to help identify where the limits of their maps of reality lie and therefore where interventions might provide new choices and possibilities.


Claire Heafford: NLP Practitioner Profile

Claire Heafford is a John Grinder certified NLP practitioner. She completed her training in 2010 with Judith Lowe at PPD Learning, London, where she was also taught by Robert Dilts & Judy Delozier. Over the past 10 years since first discovering the field of NLP she has studied with and been influenced by leading therapists including John Grinder, Robert Dilts and Charles Falkner – all of whom draw on the work of Fritz Pearls the originator of Gestalt Psychotherapy and Gregory Bateson the co-originator of cybernetics.

As well as being a qualified NLP practitioner, she also graduated in 2005 with a Masters degree in twentieth century continental philosophy from Goldsmiths College. Key specialisms included psychoanalytic, post-structural and deconstructionist approaches to studies of embodiment - approaches that are consistent with, and share a philosophical lineage with the origins of NLP and psychotherapy.

Approach: As an NLP Practitioner, Claire works with her clients to identify and bring forth more of the essences that make them unique & extraordinary as individuals. She does this through discussions & exercises that draw conscious awareness to the parts of self that have been excluded or ignored over the years, so that the positive intentions of these unconscious desires can be acknowledged & integrated into the clients overall system of being. This often leads to key changes in the clients relationship to mind & body, allowing them to achieve specific goals that previously posed a problem.

If you'd like to find out more about how NLP could help you to achieve your goals, please get in touch at hello@resetlabfitness.com.