The Reset LAB Method


Complex Movement Patterns are multi-joint, multi-planar movements that place a high demand on the body’s core musculature & neural pathways – requiring the development of coordination, body control, mobility, balance & strength endurance. Our highly original approaches include exercises that use the upper & lower body at the same time, such as quadrupedal & ground based forms – along with elements from various body-weight training disciplines including gymnastics, calisthenics & contemporary dance.

The key goal of all our training systems is to reconnect our clients & participants with their innate physicality. We believe that movement, physical experimentation & play are key to helping enhance the precious connection that exists between mind & body. When we are able to listen to & respond to what our body wants & needs – we believe that desired goals such as increases in performance, health, vitality & weight loss become natural by-products. There are 3 key approaches to functional movement that structure our research:

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We research, explore & teach using intelligent training systems that incorporate complex movement patterns to test the mind as well as the body. Complex Movement patterns place an emphasis on the development of strength, co-ordination & mobility. Using physical riddles that challenge & expand neural pathways, each new pattern or exercise is carefully designed to help create links between body & brain, facilitating the maintenance of physical & mental health as we age.



Our training systems are based around the acquisition of new skills taught using clear processes of progression. Learning new physical skills is both highly rewarding & motivating – so we make sure to break down the learning process into manageable chunks to make incremental progress possible for everyone. We teach skills from various sporting disciplines including gymnastics, dance, calisthenics & martial arts.




When it comes to training, both one-to-one & in groups, all our approaches aim to actively foster an atmosphere of collaboration & community. Core to our philosophy is a belief that working cooperatively with others allows us to learn faster. That’s why our training systems always includes partner work; through working with & helping others, we are encouraged to be humble – the ideal psychological state for learning.

If you would like to experince our method, either through one-to-one coaching or by joining one of our cohorts - get in touch to arrange a consulation.