On The Importance Of Play

I have loved movement all my life. From childhood fantasies of being batman to an adult life spent as a professional wrestler – I have always loved to play.  As a movement coach my desire is to encourage my clients to play again & reclaim the joy of movement that we all once experienced as children.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve been rediscovering my own passion for play, enriching my life with new movement skills to keep me motivated as an athlete. As a result, I now train exclusively in bodyweight exercises, creative movement, skill development & martial arts.

By learning to enjoy every minute of my training, I have been able to achieve both aesthetic & fitness results that I previously struggled to attain.

As a result, I truly believe play based training is a wonderful way for everyone to feel physically empowered & my mission is to inspire my clients to improve their fitness & physique through creative play.

Hopefully the videos found here on this page give a sense of our approach to training and how play informs everything we do… even during pregnancy!

These cliff jumping and beach play videos below were to celebrate 15 weeks of claire’s pregnancy and show how experimentation, challenge and creativity help to ensure training is always fun.