Claire Heafford: Professional Wrestling Profile

In my sporting life I've had my fair share of excitement & adventure. At age 16, I completed the mud-mired suffer fest that is tough guy.  At age 26, I sped down a mountain at 120km hour on a skeleton bob. And at 36, a little older but definitely no wiser - I donned a luchadore's mask and became a Mexican wrestler. 

Swapping competitive sport for the performance art of Lucha Libre has been life-changing & challenging in equal measure & for now it's proving to be the perfect past-time for a die-hard adrenaline junkie like me.  I'm only just taking my first steps on this new adventure -  but boy am I thrilled to be embracing a new challenge.

I want to share the fun and excitement I’ve experienced in wrestling with non-wrestlers, and our Playfight class is the perfect way for us to help you develop the Physical Literacy, kinaesthetic awareness and body control that comes from leaning how to become a Playfight master.